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10 Breathtaking Outdoor Yoga Spots Around The World

Posted on November 05 2019

Don’t limit yourself inside an enclosed space to find your inner peace! Now, here is a list of places you might want to go to show your latest collection of yoga wear from Korea Avenue !

Find the best places to find a bliss for your soul and gather where energy is heightened to energise yourself.


1. Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Outdoor Yoga Waikiki Beach Hawaii

Photo : Unknown

Immerse yourself in the sun and enjoy the breath-taking view of the Hawaiian sandy beach. With many places offering paid, and even free yoga classes, Hawaii is the best place to surround yourself with natural energies to find your inner peace.


2. The Himalayas, Nepal

Outdoor Yoga The Himalayas Nepal

Photo : Sunrise Adventure Trek

The Himalayas is the birthplace of Yoga. Sarangkot is the highest peak of Pokhara Valley and best spot to view a sunrise. With viewing of the sunrise against the backdrop of breath taking mountain panorama, coupled with a short hike and a morning yoga and meditation session in this natural setting, will be a perfect start to the day. To do an outdoor yoga and guided meditation in front of the mountains and witnessing local life from a different perspective.


3. Bavarian Alps, Germany

Outdoor Yoga Bavarian Alps Schloss Elmau Germany

Photo : Press London

Break away from your everyday stress with the world’s most pristine sanctuary. In the calm of Bavarian Alps, lies the Schloss Elmau. Where you can be away for a yoga retreat, and not only that, they are also the host for annual yoga summit, where the most famous practitioners of yoga styles gather.


4. Sahara Desert, Morocco

Outdoor Yoga Shara Desert Morocco

Photo : Nosade

Imagine yoga overlooking the magical, ancient city of Marrakech. Imagine yoga in the tranquility and vastness of the desert. Imagine finding relaxation and a path to your very own sources of inspiration in some of the most beautiful and special locations in the world.


5. Maldives

Outdoor Yoga Maldives Beach

Photo : Taj Exotica Resort & Spa Maldives

Experience the three days wellness package with relaxation at Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, specially designed for those in need of a recovery method which will not only enhance their personal wellbeing but provide an unforgettable holiday experience within a short period of time. The Jiva Grande Spa practices ancient Indian healing methods via Ayurveda inspired treatments.


6. Valley of Fire, Las Vegas

Outdoor Yoga Valley of Fire Las Vegas

Photo : Expedia

When the sunlight hits the red-rock formations of the Valley of Fire, the whole landscape appears to spark into flame. Light up your manipura chakra with that natural fire energy as you do yoga in this invigorating place. Practicing yoga in the valley of fire is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Vegas Strip. A scenic helicopter flight back to Sin City is sure to extend your feeling of Zen.


7. Crater, Utah

Outdoor Yoga Crater Utah

Photo : Washington School House

Fancy trying yoga in a hot spring? Of course. Park City Yoga Adventures offers paddleboard yoga classes inside the Homestead Crater in Midway, Utah, where the 95-degree therapeutic turquoise waters make for a dreamy setting.


8. Sacred Valley, Peru

Outdoor Yoga Sacred Valley Peru

Photo : Viator

Burrowed into the slopes of the Andean highlands and dotted with Incan citadels, rural weaving villages and airy, colonial towns, the Rio Urubamba Valley is better known as ‘Sacred’ for a reason. This is a spiritual place, with the energy of Pachamama (Incan Mother Nature) tangible in every cloud-shroude.


9. Amorgos, Greece

Outdoor Yoga Amorgos Greece

Photo : Aegialis Amorgos Greece

Aegialis Hotel & Spa is recognised worldwide for being one of top yoga destinations in Europe, offering a peaceful oasis with a beautiful ambience and space for self-discovery and appreciation of nature. Located in Amorgos Island known for its Zen-like energy and stunning landscape.


10. Ubud, Bali

Outdoor Yoga Ubud Bali Indonesia

Photo : Unknown

Hailed as the island of gods, Bali’s fertile, volcanic mountains, glittering shoreline and hushed, hillside temples are synonymous with all things wellness, but the divine energy that characterises this island extends far beyond the private retreats and luxury spa resorts that perennially pop up on Instagram. It’s soaked into the reverent, religious ceremonies, streets strewn with flower petal offerings and gentle, almost meditative pace of local life, seemingly unaffected by the everpresent
streams of visitors seeking to experience Bali’s unique essence for themselves.