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10 Korean Bloggers to Follow on Instagram 2020

Posted on July 07 2019

South Korea is undeniably the Asian’s Capital of Fashion. From trendy outfits, food and latest makeup style can be found anywhere even from the streets. Get acquainted with these 10 bloggers to find your next big thing! 

  1. @sora_pppp  


For those of you who are familiar with the Korean fashion brand Stylenanda and the 3CE cosmetics brand, it's definitely no stranger to this face. She is Park Sora, a model that has become an icon of the two brands.

Having a sweet face it is not surprising for Park Sora to become a model. But in fact, her achievements are far from when she started her career as a model.

Park Sora was often ridiculed due to her height during her childhood. And also her body which was not considered as slender, but that did not stop Park Sora to become a professional model to walk on the runway.


2. @congpilates


While most Korean influencers are about makeup and beauty routine, her posts mostly consist of fitness routines and pilates tutorials on YouTube and of course photos of her perfectly tanned and perfectly toned body on Instagram.

So if you need the inspiration to get fit or a guide on how to start, well, that's what she does.


3. @iamchocobi 


Despite the typical Korean beauty being white and fair, Gabi stands proudly with her beautiful tan skin. With her beautiful, athletic body, she was able to snag the title of Miss Bikini World in 2011. Her unique features make her an interesting person to see in your Instagram timeline.


4. @rockchaeeun 


Some may call her Euny, is a professional model who has worked with Chuu Korea, Candy Lab Cosmetics, WingsGirl, and K-Star. Not only known in the fashion industry, but she was also featured in several music videos and on Korean television programs. In 2015, she appeared on the BBQ show K-Star and CamsComTV's Model Rock TV.

Now you will be seeing her beautiful faces more! As Korea Avenue will be featuring Candy Lab Cosmetics in our timeline, without a doubt she will show up in our timeline quite often. 

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5. @hyo0ni  


One of the flawless beauty with a slender body from South Korea! Park Da Hyun is one beauty that cannot be missed in social media. Her Instagram profile is one of the to follow list if you want to be motivated to live healthily.

 Her flawless figure makes her the perfect model for summer dresses, sport wears and of course, bikini.


6. @jess.02.23  


This smoldering hot Korean model is getting famous for her unbelievable good looks and her awesome Dubai lifestyle. This model, known as JESS,  is making waves for her beautiful figure, tan skin, and perfect face.

She is now residing in Dubai while gaining more and more popularity for her incredible body and amazing facial features.


 7. @imjennim 


Jenn Im is a Korean-American fashion and beauty vlogger and fashion designer. She is best known for her YouTube channel, previously titled ClothesEncounters, which began in 2010 and reached approximately 2 million subscribers as of 2017. And then launched Eggie, a clothing line that sold out within minutes of its online release. Selling the comfy, cool looks she’s known for, including hoodies and jumpsuits.

Forbes even named Im one of the “top influencers” in fashion in 2017.


8. @ponysmakeup 

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Park Hye-Min, or as the rest of the world knows her, PONY! With an incredible following of 3.6 million on Instagram (@ponysmakeup) and 2.5 million on her Youtube channel, she is a force to be reckoned with in the Korean beauty industry. This girl ain’t playing! At just 25-years-old, Pony didn’t just obtain a substantial amount of fame and influence, even built a beauty empire with her own makeup line called “Pony Effect”.


 9. @aimeesong


Aimee Song known best for her online moniker “Song of Style”, is one of the few fashion bloggers who have risen to mega-influencer status. But like any other blogger who got into fashion game nearly a decade ago, Song’s now-full-time job was merely just a passion project on the side. 

There's also the fact that Song is The New York Times bestselling author for her debut book Capture Your Style, which she's following up with her newly published Aimee Song: World of Style, a travel diary of sorts with images of Song from across the globe, along with her best travel tips and personal anecdotes for the aspiring jet-setter.


10. @2dawn_


A YouTube blogger/creator and many others alike share their daily life. Most of them do not differ but a simple routine. But beauty blogger & YouTube creator, Dawn may be different. Living with Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, does not get her down. 

Fighting for her health does not stop her from sharing what she cares the most and thanks to her growing followers. By sending hopes and positive thoughts every day, Dawn shows a significant improvement.